Instructions and Care for the WakeMate

WakeMate Installation/Care/Warnings

  • Only surf behind inboard boats.
  • WakeMate shall not be used at speeds over 12 MPH.
  • Install the WakeMate on the boat out of the water for the first time to ensure that it fits properly.
  • Remove the WakeMate immediately after you are done surfing. If you forget to remove it and run at speeds over 12 MPH you may damage your boat or it may become dislodged and hurt someone.  Furthermore, if you forget to remove it and try to dock or tie to another boat damage most likely will occur.


  1. You must find a flat, smooth surface on the side of the boat as far back as possible and below the waterline. This area must be at least 3(3/4)" x 12" for the Slim Style WakeMate to ensure that it will fit properly.
  2. Place the WakeMate on the opposite side of the boat you will be surfing.
  3. Install so that the “gate” angle is pointing towards the back of the boat not the front of the boat.
  4. Ensure that the suction cups are clean before installing.
  5. Ensure that the WakeMate is placed under the waterline of the boat and as far back as possible.
  6. If installing or removing the WakeMate while you (a person) is in the water, please ensure that the boat is turned off.
  7. Apply pressure were the suction cup is, then flip the suction cup handle down. There should be a good amount of resistance when you are trying to flip the suction handle down.  If you do not feel much resistance it probably did not suction properly.  Try again, putting pressure on the suction while flipping the handle is the key to get good suction.
  8. After the WakeMate is placed, try pulling and/or twisting the WakeMate a little. If it moves it is not adhered properly, try installing again.
  9. The WakeMate floats but a tether is still recommended. We do not supply tethers with the product because they are being used on so many different styles of boats we don’t believe one tether fits all.  We use a ski rope extension for our tether.
  10. Sometimes it is difficult to remove the WakeMate, even after the suction has been released. If this is the case, wiggle it a little or try to get your finger to the actual suction cup to break the suction seal.  We also have a small plastic putty knife we carefully can use to gently break the seal.
  11. While not using, store the WakeMate in an area out of the sun. UV radiation is not kind to this plastic.
  12. The WakeMate alone will not make your wake surfable. You will need proper ballast (weight), proper ballast distribution (front to back, side to side), proper boat speed, and over 10 feet of water depth.
  13. Inspect WakeMate before each use to ensure that it will work properly and is free from damage.

The WakeMate manufacturer assumes no risk with the use of this product.  It has not been tested on every possible boat or environmental condition therefore its outcome and/or performance cannot be predicted or guaranteed.  Manufacturer makes no guarantee that the WakeMate will not become dislodged at any time and will not be held liable for any damage to possessions or persons while it is being used.  It is the end users responsibility to ensure that the product is safe for their application.  Prior to actual use, install the product on the boat out of the water (dry installation).  After dry installation and within 30 days of the purchase if you feel the WakeMate will not work for you or might be unsafe for your application you may return the product for a refund for the purchase price less shipping.  The product must not have been used or placed in the water for you to receive a refund.